Good morning everyone, and welcome to the new Aksys Games website! To celebrate our grand opening, we’ve put together a special podcast just for you. We talk a little about the new site and what it means, the games we’ve got coming up or coming out, and of course some industry news. The astute among you may notice that there isn’t a lot of BlazBlue talk in this episode, but don’t worry—we had so much BlazBlue stuff to talk about after getting some answers from Japan to all of your questions that we’ve moved it all to a special all-BlazBlue podcast that’ll be coming out next week, so look forward to it! Meanwhile, keep reading for some more detailed show notes.

New Site

  • Our opinions and the focus on community for the new site.
  • Put your online gaming codes in your profile!

What We’ve Been Up To

  • Ben’s been coding the site while everyone else debugs.
  • Bo’s got a secret, but we’ll hear about it later in the show.
  • BlazBlue arcade cabinets have arrived, look awesome. BlazBlue focus tests in your future?


Releases (Ours)

  • Princess on Ice is out! Might be a good choice for a sister, niece, daughter, etc, but Bo says it’s fun for anyone. Visit the Princess on Ice page for more info.
  • Theresia has been released! Got good marks from IGN and Fangoria. Check out the theresia info page for more…info.
  • Guilty Gear 2 is out…and has been for a while. We talk about how it’s been doing with the fans.


  • That game Bo couldn’t talk about earlier…we announce it.
  • It’s for WiiWare, has mini-games, is fun.
  • We also talk about Monchichi, how Ben looks like a lumberjack.


(note: The actual mail content of the mailbag will be dealt with in next week’s special BlazBlue podcast)

  • Send us questions! We will answer them!
  • Announcing a new contest! (See the bottom of this post for official rules)
  • Remember entering our last contest? So do we.


  • Mike and Mikey have been playing a lot of BlazBlue.
  • We discuss Carl’s tier placement, various staff members’ playing styles, and how awesome the game is.


  • Let us know what kind of merch you’d like to see from us in the future.
  • Thanks for listening!

New Contest Rules:

  1. Take a picture of yourself dressed up as anyone—or anything—from one of our games. Make sure you’re holding something that says “” on it, so we know you didn’t just grab someone else’s picture.
  2. E-mail us a JPG of your picture, but please, not too big—keep it under a megabyte.
  3. We’ll choose the best one, and you’ll get a DS game of your choice (that we publish, obviously), as well as a sweet BlazBlue poster.