Hey all, Aksys nation people! (*^д^*)/~~~

Since our website is now LIVE and the whole blogging thing has improved (good job Benben!) I guess I’ll take the time to introduce myself.

I’m Noba and my position at Aksys is “Localization Specialist”.

So, what I do is basically take text (in-game text, manual, Q&A, anything and everything) from Japan and translate it. Yea…just like that. You’d think it’s so simple, but not always. Sometimes we have deadlines, but suddenly realize we were missing some files and what not. But, what I love about this company is our unbelievable strong teamwork. (woot woot)

Right now, our translation team has 3 people.  Asuka (our manager or as we like to call her, urabancho. Which means ringleader, but ninja style where she don’t show it. lol). She watches our back and fixes my sometimes weird Japanese emails to Japan and turns it into an awesome professional one. Mikey is the baby of Aksys. However, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS YOUNG ONE. He may be the youngest one, but he’s got the biggest brain of the 3. He makes our work life a lot easier, I swear. Then there’s me, the outspoken, spunky one!

The 3 of us…when we work together, nothin’ can stop us. We never have issues with deadlines. When Theresia came up, we were so scared we weren’t gonna make the deadline, but guess what… We were just fine.

When I translate, I just gun it and let my translation just flow. Why do I do that? That’s cuz I know my localization staff has my back. I dunno how they do it, but they edit and localize it just right so our fans (AKA all y’all) will love our games.

Yea….so long story short, we have awesome teamwork! This is all thanks to the family vibe here. This office is like my second home and the staff here are like my family. I’m really blessed to be part of this company, and just wanted to share a lil’ bit about it.

Yeay Aksys~