Time for our latest podcast! This particular show gives you a look into what it’s like to work here at Aksys, and what we all do. We also touch on some…interesting stories from the land of our friends across the Pacific. So tune in and check it out!

Show notes behind the cut.

Game News

  • (We can’t announce these games)
  • Family Glide Hockey

What People Actually Do For Work and How We Got There

  • Bo the Producer (Editing, Coordinating Testers, Talking to Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony, etc)
  • Who you know and good work ethic. Initiative!
  • Gail the Director of Marketing (Started testing, editor, PR Manager, learn along the way, worked up to Marketing).
  • Patience grasshopper.
  • Noba the Localization Specialist (Translation. Also, she’s a girl. Got a degree specializing in Japanese and Translation. Enrolled as a Temp, and got pointed to Aksys).
  • Translation isn’t easy: bridging the gap between two different cultures.
  • Aaron the Logistics Coordinator (what is it you do here?)
  • Indie Band Intermission: Cherry Vail – Ten Steps to Soon
  • Back, Harry the Gail’s Assistant (How he got here, How he isn’t racist, just confused, and how harry makes things dysfunctional.)
  • Wicked Burn from Ben
  • How we select our titles

Office Excitement

  • We don’t listen to Noba, even though she owns us in Tetris
  • Email us if you have a title you want to see localized
  • Bo, interrupts people with his eating


  • Noba’s interesting story (Can people marry women in 2D in Japan?)
  • Noba’s interesting story cont… (How do you even touch your 2D girl?)
  • Dating is a hassle
  • We demand breasts, HIGH FIVE!
  • To be Continued…