Time for the second, conclusive half of last week’s show. This one talks about things like WotLK, girls in the gaming industry, and the conundrums inherent in stuff like Collector’s Editions and DLC. Download it and give a listen.

As always, show notes are behind the link. Oh! And congratulations to Joseph Burchell, our GG2 contest winner!

Wrath of the Lich King

  • Jared: mild mannered Aksys Games Tester by day, WoW player by night.  Still thinking about boobs.
  • Jared’s verdict: If you play, you’ll like it.  If not, then no.  Very Zen.
  • Jared has a lot of characters. Over 9000.  He also likes women.

Girls in the Gaming Industry

  • Noba doesn’t like it when we talk about breasts.  Harry is scared of the menstrual cycle.  Go figure.
  • Harry is a walking sexual harassment suit.  But Aaron is still worse.
  • PR has the most girls.  Some are producers, not many.
  • Noba and Asuka don’t game as much, but sometimes it’s hard to relate.
  • Noba doesn’t like RPGs, so Bo doesn’t LIKE like her.  But she still needs to beat Pokemon.

Noba’s Impressions of the Guys

  • Good Idea!!….maybe…
  • There was Before Harry, and now there is After Harry.
  • Now that Harry is here, there’s more interaction.  Which is good, and…bad.
  • Noba, Bo, and the Waterjug.  A True Aksys Story.
  • Bo is harmless.  He also likes Claire.
  • Aaron is just about perversion.  Word is, he likes taken girls.  He just does his thing.  Don’t hate.
  • Noba doesn’t approve, but Aaron plays it cool.  No commentary on Asuka.

Cherry Vail’s ‘Conviction’

What Do You Want in a Collectors/Limited Edition Version?

  • LE games: Gears of War 2 Lancer, Fallout 3 set, etc.
  • What’s common for these versions?  Artbooks, CDs, In-Game Content, etc.
  • More stuff = More $$$.  But sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes…not so much.
  • What makes you want to shell out the $$$ for the Limited/Collector’s version?  How much will you use it?
  • Bo is an art-whore.  Loves the 2D.
  • Gail and Harry’s favorite?  GTA 4 Lockbox.
  • Depends on what’s in there.  Unique = Good.  Who wants a 2×4 with their Theresia?
  • Send us emails about what you’d like to see in our Collector/Limited Editions: podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com

Download Vs. Physical

  • Bo wants physical copy.  Gail, packaged goods.
  • You’ll never know what’ll happen…physical is good for backup.
  • Noba likes art, so she likes the package.  Aaron prefers package 100% of the time.
  • Famitsu says 87% of Japan would rather have the package.
  • If you download, you got nothing to show for it.  But, download makes you watch what you buy more since you can’t return those to the store.
  • Download saves us money.  Puts Aaron out of a job…maybe…
  • Why does it cost the same to download if they save money?  Who knows?

Last Thoughts

  • We spent a lot of time talking…
  • Harry says Noba is single.  Harry is getting the hurt from Noba.
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  • Contests?  Gail will pick the winner for the GG2 game and Riot Pack at the end of the podcast.
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  • Thanks for listening.  Aksys signing off.