It’s the week after Thanksgiving, and we’re sick as dogs, but that didn’t keep us from making a brand-new podcast for you! It’s a little shorter than usual, but we still found time to talk about Jared, discuss Black Friday and NXE, and remind everyone that there are a few BlazBlue posters left. So take a listen. I promise you won’t get whatever it is we’ve got.


  • Hope you had a good Thanksgiving break. We just got sick.
  • However, Jared is free of infection. Also, he’s a QA Tester for us.

Black Friday

  • We bought things. Jared was too busy sleeping and/or playing WoW.
  • Jared likes Wrath of the Lich King, but only because he can play it right now, which new players wouldn’t be able to do.
  • Harry bought Transformers on BluRay. Gail has HD-DVD. Fail.
  • Jared plugs RiffTrax.
  • Harry capitalized on those movies, and bought something for everyone…maybe…


  • Harry loves it. Gail likes the interface and avatars. Could be a little better.
  • Jared likes the interface, but thinks Miis are superior because of customization. His avatar looks like a woman with his bushy hair.
  • Asians look the same.
  • Harry wants PlayStation HOME. A mix between The Sims and Second Life.
  • Want to have a better virtual home? Spend some real money.

What We’re Playing

  • Harry loves him some HD Remix. He and Gail have been playing it forever. They are old.
  • It’s original; it’s automatically a good buy.
  • The new ‘Dawn of the Dead’ mod for ‘Left for Dead’. Tons o’ fun. But Jared has no computer. podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com for Jared’s new processor.

LE BB Posters are GO!

  • It’s big, it’s beautiful.
  • Also, tell us what you think of BlazBlue Arcade.
  • If you want it at your arcade, let us know and we’ll work for you!
  • Want a BlazBlue Arcade board? Maybe if you ask realllllllllllllly nice. And you have money. Be serious, or Jared will come after you.

If You want a BB Board or Want Us to Talk About Something, Send an Email to podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com.

  • Or else.


  • Send a photo of you as a BlazBlue or Guilty Gear character and you can win Harry’s money! Damn…
  • Lasts till NY Comic-Con (First week of February).
  • Ben might even pay you a visit…

We Have Announcements… Next week…

Thanks for listening!