Although we talk about a lot of things in Episode 7, the titular fight takes up the bulk of it, and concerns the merits, or lack thereof, of the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360—specifically re: These Difficult Economic Times. Go ahead and take a listen if that sounds like your bag of chips, or take a look at the show notes and see if we might have something else in this episode to interest you.


  • Your host this week…Aaron. Everyone knows him, even if they don’t love him.

We’re not sick

  • Well, Jared is. Merry Christmas.

What’s new?

  • New Flash Header on the website. Now with buttons.
  • We’ve been working on ?????
  • Aaron has been playing Prince of Persia. Jared doesn’t like it.
  • Jared doesn’t like that you can’t die. It’s too easy.
  • It eliminates skill, and there’re no puzzles, unlike Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.
  • Aaron thinks that all recent Ubisoft games are part of something larger than him.
  • Enough about other people’s games.

The fall of printed media 🙁

  • It’s going out of style.
  • Aaron gets free subscriptions for some reason… So does Harry.
  • You can get up to date info on the internet…why get printed media? Quality bathroom reading.
  • Print media relies on ads, but they don’t get them since the internet or TV has replaced that. People just don’t like them as much anymore.
  • The Spanish version of EGM has tanked. Harry isn’t traveled enough to know.
  • Even big newspapers are being hit hard.
  • Roger Ebert is even talking about it.
  • Gail feels that people like tabloids more than a good story.
  • But we can get news, and get it right now.
  • Harry wants to band together with other publishers to put an end to online.
  • Jared has an idea: More story, more opinion.
  • Harry wishes everyone luck.

Trouble in the game industry

  • People are closing shop. It sucks.
  • EA is doing layoffs. If we laid anyone off….
  • Games are still doing well, just not as well.
  • Jared didn’t like the new Call of Duty.
  • Smaller companies are getting the boot while bigger companies are taking over.

The Game Debate

  • Aaron – 3 classes of games: low class for low money, middle class for some money, and super awesome for tons of cash.
  • Gail: ya, and then there was Hooked: Real Motion Fishing.
  • Jared with the rebuttal.
  • Surprise guest: Ben! Time for some more action. Case in point: Legendary.
  • Big Budget Games = Big Budget Movies.
  • Money does not always equal success.
  • Valve takes forever to make things, but they’re wildly successful.
  • Aaron wants to clarify.
  • Jared: Artistic mediums are different than other industries.

Give Ben some Game Fuel!

  • If you’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse, please give some to Ben since he needs it.
  • All Aaron needs is a shotgun. Jared disagrees.
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  • Aaron: PS3 sucks and here is why.
  • Jared: STFU and here is why.
  • Gail: You won’t get the PS3 to be the PS2.
  • Harry: Wii is on another level.
  • Jared fights for the PS3. And thinks Metroid Prime 3 sucked.
  • At what cost?
  • Even Nintendo knows that you can’t release a big name Nintendo game at the same time as a different big game (Wii Music and Gears of War 2).
  • PS3 is an investment, but when does it pay off?
  • Xbox may be cheaper but it doesn’t come with a HDD. Ben: That won’t matter.
  • Why do people by the PS3?
  • Aaron: people buy the PS3 for gaming! Jared: You’re ridiculous!
  • PS3 vs. 360. You decide. If you could only buy one…
  • Yes, but what about cost?
  • Gail: for some reason, things just look better on the 360.
  • If you want better-looking games, buy the PC version.
  • What about the Blu-Ray player? Are DVDs going out of style?
  • Jared prepares to school Aaron on the Entertainment Market.
  • But, how long?
  • DVD vs. Blu-Ray

Playstation HOME

  • No free stuff. You must pay for everything.
  • Only thing at the movies: Twilight trailer…
  • Gail claims he saw Indiana Jones.
  • We’re disappointed.
  • Also, if you want to play a virtual game, you have to wait in virtual line.
  • And then there’s the ol’ “A/S/L?”
  • Except for people like Aaron who make female avatars.
  • HOME = Sims.
  • So, HOME avatars, NXE avatars, or Miis?

Mailbag Time

  • A Battle Fantasia Question. Special guest: Bo. Impressions.
  • Bo likes it. Harry likes it. Send more questions to podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com.
  • Eric wants to know some things about BlazBlue.
  • Problems with the A button? Sounds like something wrong with the cabinet or something. Something like that…
  • Invincible frames for Noel? Definitely.
  • Tager impressions.
  • Someone playing as Carl is pretty impressive…
  • Send inquiries to podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com.

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