Welcome to the last podcast of the year!  In this exciting episode, the great people at Aksys give you what you want—an incredibly long podcast to keep you warm ’til the new year.  We discuss great things such as the games and the economy, how we got into fighting games, FPS games vs. fighting games, and much, much, more.  Also some emails!

Welcome to Podcast Number 8!

  • Brought to you by a ton of random crap made up by Harry.
  • We STILL can’t talk about anything.
  • Also, this is the last podcast for the year.

How did we get into fighting games?

  • Gail: Street Fighter…1! But Street Fighter 2 brought the real obsession. Skipped school(?)
  • Mike: SF2 and shady arcades…also…ditching class.
  • Harry: SF2. Traveled the world (town) for SF2 challenges. He MIGHT have had a girlfriend.
  • SF2 is serious business.
  • For Harry, SF2 on SNES = Boner.
  • Mail us your stories at podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com.

WoW phenomenon = SF phenomenon?

  • Gail: It’s all about hardcore. The kinds of things it makes people do.
  • Aaron: Not really, you’re moving and getting out there. WoW…not so much.
  • Aaron makes female avatars. And solicits cybersex.
  • SF is a more manly game.
  • WoW = girls? Sex during WoW? Has Jared done the nasty while playing? Who knows, but Ben now has to think about it.
  • WoW does not equal sex… Harry thinks otherwise.
  • Thank goodness for new disclaimers.

More on fighting game origins

  • Meet Mikey: Main translator and contact for BlazBlue. Saw it, couldn’t get enough of it. BlazBlue is his first fighting game.
  • Jared: Skipped class to play Soul Calibur 2 and dominate it. He put someone through college.
  • Harry: It’s an addiction. Ben is happy to have Harry admit his problem.
  • Harry loves him some competition.
  • Jared likes the friendship.
  • Aaron would much rather twink out.

FPS vs. Fighting

  • If you don’t jump into a game, it seems like you lose out to people who have played since day 1.
  • Which has more skill?
  • Aaron: You can’t make that comparison, they are two different genres.
  • Harry: You can, actually.
  • ENTER BEN: Skill is a vague term. Different games take different skills.
  • Harry: Fighting games have less luck.
  • Aaron: I don’t think so.
  • Jared: It’s like talking about Boxing vs. Wrestling. Moot point.
  • Aaron wants to get technical. Jared just wanted to use a metaphor.
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More on the economy

  • Games aren’t recession proof.
  • People are laying off staff and closing doors.
  • It’s not all bad, but it’s bad.
  • Little Big Planet: Big hype, low sales.
  • Its still a great game but…it may be “too” big.
  • Harry doesn’t exactly know what the purpose of the game is.
  • Ben does: get blazed and build dicks.
  • Harry wants purpose.
  • Jared: BoomBlox also doesn’t have a point, and it didn’t do very well either.
  • Aaron: People want to DO something, maybe not something they can do in real life.
  • Harry: The design might be too kiddy.
  • Jared: It’s all about building stuff out of nothing. Like forts.
  • Making levels is work…
  • Multiplayer is king.
  • Aaron: Do we think of it like work since…this is work for us?
  • Sackboy is pretty cool, but are the developers out of touch?
  • Another poor game: Valkyria Chronicles. Great reviews, bad sell-through.
  • Aaron is holding out for FF XIII. Aaron is a man, he cries for games.
  • Back on topic: Valkyria Chronicles had bad timing. Might have cornered only a small part of the market.
  • Where is the middle-tier market?
  • Is the anime industry taking a hit?
  • Now you can get any kind of anime on demand.
  • The time for middle-tier? Mid-year.
  • Have users moved on?
  • Cell-shading is…not the best.
  • Are we all graphics whores now?
  • Aaron saw Seven Pounds, he also cried at that.
  • So, Rise of the Argonauts. NICE? Not so much…
  • Jared’s question: Does putting Rygar on the Wii sound good? Well…maybe not…
  • Aaron uses complex gestures that you can’t see.

Aksys News

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  • We’re going to New York Comic Con.
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  • We’ll get a website too, so it’ll be cool. Exclusive news, updates, videos…PODCAST OUTTAKES.
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  • First up: Dementia.
  • We can’t speak. Or read good.
  • Wiis are for Noobs, apparently. Nintendo would have to bring the hardware, otherwise.
  • But this is a huge and, until recently, untapped, market.
  • Has Nintendo abandoned hardcore gamers?
  • Was the Gamecube a placeholder?
  • Is the Wii a gateway to creating more hardcore gamers?
  • Wii lets people do general things. Harry thinks more hardcore games have too much skill for girls. We aren’t responsible for what happens to him.
  • Mike is back to chime in: We started on the old stuff.
  • When we saw the next thing, we always moved on.
  • Some people swing the Wii Remote. Gail waggles.
  • Mike: People who play Guitar Hero or Rock Band should just learn to play a guitar. Ben: Nuh-uh!
  • The more popular games allow you to do things you can’t do in real life.
  • How many girls would you Hadouken?
  • Next up: Shincouger. He wants to hear from Nova(Noba).
  • Noba says hi to Shin.
  • We hope we made your day.
  • GG compilation disc? We’ll talk to ’em and get back to you.
  • Sakura Wars or Melty Blood?
  • Bo is here: Nippon Ichi says they are making some games, but…Sakura Taisen 5 is coming here.
  • Also, Battle Fantasia is better than 3rd Strike.
  • Mike would love to see Melty Blood.
  • Gail, handle it.
  • Will there be a real GG game on DS?
  • Send your questions and comments to podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com.

Contest and other announcements

  • Harry’s Cash Money Contest. Send your submissions to our email or post it somewhere on the website.
  • No one reads Noba’s emails.
  • We will give you guys some tracks from the Battle Fantasia Soundtrack, which should be online now.

Happy Holidays from Aksys Games and don’t forget to rate us on iTunes!