Not to be outdone by President Obama’s inauguration, Aksys Games has released the second title in the Family Fun franchise on Wiiware! If you’re a fan of air hockey and want that ARC SYSTEM WORKS competitive edge, this is the title to pick up. Hit the jump for the complete press release and additional info…

Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment software, announces that Family Glide Hockey is now available for download, exclusively on WiiWare! In this new title developed by ARC SYSTEM WORKS, creators of the Guilty Gear series and Family Table Tennis, players can once again take part in a classic American pastime! For only 500 Wii Points, Family Glide Hockey brings you appealing cel-shaded graphics and endearing music, as well as easy competitive gameplay for all ages. The game features a single-player mode, a versus mode that supports up to 4 players, and a variety of challenging minigames.

“Fans of air hockey will have another reason to stay home during the long winter nights,” states Frank deWindt II, Project Lead, Aksys Games. “Family Glide Hockey is definitely a great way to spend some fun, quality time with your friends and family, without the sting of wasting your quarters!”

– Choose from four different family members! There’s Billy (son), Sarah (daughter), Mommy, and Daddy!

– Devastate your opponent and unleash the power of the Fire Shot or Trick Shot for the win!

– Choose one of 5 unique locations for a friendly match of glide hockey. Enjoy a match at the gymnasium, forest park, beach, amusement park, or even the arctic aquarium!

– Test your wits and skill in Glide Hockey Brawl, Glide Hockey Drill, and Glide Hockey Tracer!