Welcome to this lovely edition of our newest podcast! We are joined by Alex Neuse, the man and the muscle behind Bit.Trip Beat. We ask him about his company, his game, his life, as well as cover finished contests and more!

Welcome to Podcast 10 (basically)

  • Brought to you by:
    • Unicron, the eater of planets. He eats so you don’t have to.
    • Aaron’s Hemorrhoid Cream: Apply directly to forehead.
  • Sorry for last week, no podcast. Clearly the cat’s fault.
  • Any new news?

We Now Present THE Bit.Trip Beat Podcast

  • Special Guest: Alex Neuse, the man behind the Bit.Trip Beat, joins us via internet phonecall.
  • Questions for Alex:
    • Give us some background on Gaijin Games.
    • How did Bit.Trip come about?
    • Was that your first game idea?
  • Chris, another tester, has joined the party.
  • Speaking of which, whos in the podcast?
    • Aaron, Gail, Jared, Mike, and now Chris. (Sorry)
  • More questions for Alex:
    • How did Commander Video come in to being? What is his quest?
    • The viral video. Explain. Will there be more?
    • How is the game progressing?
  • So Chris, is the game actually fun?
  • Jared’s important question.
  • Gail comes clean about his initial impressions.
  • Who are these people in the game? Learn more at gaijingames.com.
  • Gail is now a believer.

And Now For Something Completely Different: Random Questions

  • What is your secret weapon in luring the opposite sex? Mike Roush.
  • What is your current desktop picture? Commander Video.
  • What were your top 3 games that were released last year and that you played? Fallout 3…times 3.
  • When I say ‘banana’ what do you think of? Mike Roush.
  • Where were you last night? Mike Roush.
  • Last alcoholic beverage you consumed? Some fancy red wine.
  • A word you say a lot. Nurggit.
  • Favorite Movie: Brazil.
  • Choose one food to eat for the rest of your life: Mac & Cheese.
  • Talk about the difference between Japanese games and American games.
  • If you could ask a psychic one question, knowing it would be a true answer, what would you ask? “When are the aliens coming?”
  • Favorite Song at the moment: It’s Amazing, by Gem.
  • What did you have for lunch today? Potato Chips and Humus.
  • If you could change anything about your looks, would you? Only if it’s more like Mike Roush. But mostly his ears.
  • Are you ready/have a plan for the impending zombie apocolypse. Run over a rotating weapon on the ground and pick it up.
  • That is it for Alex. Thanks man!

Mailbag Action

  • Before that, Aaron bought some $8 jam. Mighty fine…jam. Baller Jam.
  • Kosmos: less random, more info.
    • Tell us the content you want us to talk about. Jared and Chris are pro at GG2, btw.
    • You’re lucky we have an outline.
    • But if you’d like more random action, let us know!
  • Monochrome Red: I’m gay for Aksys. Aksys: Super…
  • Terran: I look forward to every podcast. Give us more info on GG/BB/etc. I want to see what you all look like.
    • Video podcast would be cool, but we need to get a little better at audio first…
    • Noba is holding the bag in the canvas bag picture because she’s more accessible… (?)
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  • Contests!

    Bye Bye!