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Alright, so we have a podcast this week! Many apologies for last week…never again. Here we have the breakdown of what happened at New York Comic Con, along with a little Aksys news, a bit of mailbag action, an Aksys Lunch Story, and even a bit of Noba for all of you.

Welcome to Podcast #12!

  • Today we got: Aaron, Gail, Harry, and…Noba!
  • Brought to you by: Noba’s Haterade. It hates on everything!
  • No one knows about Spatula…and her veins of death. It could be anyone.
  • WTF no podcast? Aaron failed…the ladies were waiting…he got real caught up…apparently…
  • Aaron: Sorry guys!
  • Next week, marketing is on a trip. So he gets a second chance…


  • Noba liked the peace and quiet…but she was really sad.
  • In the office, it’s been techno music…
  • Also, NYC is dirty…Garbage bags like, everywhere. They could cover Japan.
  • The cold was invading Harry.
  • NYCC is pretty popular.
  • Why is everything so expensive…? But, the pizza is so good…
  • Although, they have variety…

BB tournament! Prizes!

  • You wanna give me money for this? Dude, take it!
  • People were doing things…stuff that we’ve never seen…
  • Congrats to all the winners!
  • We got pictures of the winners, so check those out on the Facebook page.

Day 3

  • Probably the craziest day.
  • Harry and Gail almost had that little girl…
  • It must have been the signs…oh…the signs… Pictures up later.
  • Clever marketing action.
  • Thanks to the people who ran errands for Gail and Harry.
  • Bathroom criticism.
  • Booth babe commentary.
  • Balance Fail.
  • Dog Poop Ave.
  • Aaron has the dog royalty.
  • Han Solo was driving a cab. He would have been faster than the plane.
  • The fix is in for MTV reality shows.
  • Harry had his Wii stolen at the airport. JetBlue is no help.
  • Noba is behind it all, probably.

Aksys News

  • New Merch: BB Canvas Bag, BB Calendar, BB Folder.
  • Aaron has to do his job, BRB.
  • Noba runs the Facebook chat.
  • Want Unicron to answer a question for you? Email him at unicron(at)aksysgames(dot)com.
  • Friend us on Facebook and talk to Noba.

Mailbag: Voiced by Noba

  • Javi: Thanks for the podcast! Who is ‘AksysGames’ on forums? Harry. GG HD Remix? Just a poll.
  • nasa.x.nieru: Thanks for the podcast! Can you tell us the button inputs for Astral Finishers? No comment. Where is Noba? Here. Terry Bogard or Ryu? Love BB.
  • Rockman: Input on BF and GG2? Stuff is coming. BB bag and artbook for sale? Yes bag, no artbook yet. More Merch? Yea! Is Bit.Trip Beat coming to Europe? Dunno.
  • If you have suggestions for stuff that you want, send an email to podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com.
  • The Pretender: Thanks for coming to NYCC. Any speculation on console BB? SNES, Genesis, TurboGraphix 16. DON’T BELIEVE GAMETRAILERS, WE HAVEN’T SAID ANYTHING. Any more BB merch? Yea! When are you coming to NYCC again? Dunno.
  • Bo drops by to say hi.
  • Noba is free.
  • Did you get enough money for hookers and blow? Ye–no.

Signing off

  • Questions/comments/etc, go to podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com.
  • Review us on iTunes please…
  • We give you what you want.
  • Aksys Story Time! Noba and the Mystical Cuban Restaurant.
  • Cash Money Cosplay WINNER: FENRIR.
  • Street Team: You help us out, we hook you up. Exclusive stuff. streetteam(at)aksysgames(dot)com.
  • Bo drops by again.
  • Thanks for listening! Hit up Noba on Facebook.

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