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What is it?
The Aksys Nation Foot Clan is our fearless group of elite gaming ninjas that we send into the wild to evangelize anything and everything Aksys, online or on the street.

Your First Mission:
Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it… Print out this commander video graphic below and post it in at least 5 public places and take a picture of it (No, your bathroom or house doesn’t count!). Email us proof of your exploits at streetteam(at)aksysgames(dot)com and you will receive an exclusive “Aksys Nation Foot Clan” patch (seen on the graphic at the top of this post) and access to the special street team blog where you can share your adventures and pictures with other street team members. If you’ve already emailed us to be on the street team don’t forget to tell us your username and update your profile with your contact info!

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What does it take to be a part of it?

  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Be willing to partake in online and “on-the-street” missions
  • Provide proof on the Street Team website of your exploits (screengrabs, links, photos)

Members of the Street Team can expected to do following…

  • Pass out fliers and stickers at events and your local community
  • Assist in online missions for our games (ie posting to gaming forums, bulletin boards, leaving comments on Aksys related posts, )
  • Put up posters and stickers in their community (online cafés, gaming spots, mom& pop game stores)
  • Bring friends to events where Aksys is exhibiting
  • Bring Aksys’ games to your personal gaming events
  • Assist us at gaming related events (ie Anime Expo, Comic-Con, PAX)

Benefits of being a Street Team member:

  • Be some of the first to get news and updates on products and merchandise
  • Access to exclusive videos and podcast outtakes
  • “Contributor” access to the special Street Team section to share their Aksys experiences, pictures, video with us and other street teamers
  • Admission to events like Anime Expo… (Assuming you work the show for us. Slots are limited)
  • Complete missions and get free stuff!