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We’ve got some special announcements for all the people of the Aksys Nation. Firstly, the Character Designer for Battle Fantasia, Ms. Emiko Iwasaki, graces us with some answers to some interesting questions. Also, we announce the winner of the “Most Awesome Word” contest, as well as announce a new contest, one that we surely won’t regret, and I came up with a new censoring scheme. Plus, Aksys wants YOU on the Street Team! Find out how to join by listening to this podcast.

Welcome to Aksys Nation Podcast #15

  • Gail
  • Harry
  • Bo
  • Noba
  • Aaron


  • BB console has been announced! Are you excited? We are.
  • Bit.Trip Beat released on Wii Shop Channel!
  • Interview with Emiko Iwasaki, Character Designer for Battle Fantasia


  • Nobafan 87
  • Jason
  • Terranrox
  • The Pretender

Contests and Reminders

  • In Podcast #13: Win a Podcast Edition we had a contest for who could come up with the coolest word and we’ve narrowed it down to the following:
    • Apophenia – Seeing patterns where there are none
    • Slattern – Whore
    • Vainglorious – Boastful
    • Slattern is the winner, and that gets someone a BlazBlue poster!
  • “A writing contest is also nice where the subscribers could write a creative story using the aksys crew as characters while using a list of words they MUST use.”
  • Thanks for this interesting contest Terranrox! You win a Calamity Pack! Here are the words everyone MUST use:
    • Commander Video
    • Harry
    • Noba
    • Gail
    • Aaron
    • Bo
    • Mary and Chris (Must be used together exactly like this)
    • Apophenia
    • Slattern
    • Vainglorious
  • You get until the podcast after next to submit your entry, so get on that! Send entries to podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com with the subject line “Aksys Author Contest.”

Street Team

  • 1st mission for the Street Team: We give you a picture of Commander Video. You go and leave it somewhere in the world and take a photo of it. Send it to us and you get access to the Street Team. Once you’ve emailed us proof that you have completed the mission you’ll be given special access to the Street Team section of the website where you can blog your mission results and share your pictures with other street teamers.
  • Must be 18 or older to enter. If you’re about to turn 18, don’t worry, this mission will be ongoing and there will be other opportunities.
  • Send all applications to streetteam(at)aksysgames(dot)com.

Closing Comments & Thank Yous

  • Special note from Aaron: If you want to friend me on Steam or something and would like to play sometime, I’m all down for that, but please tell me who you are or else I’ll most likely ignore you. Even if it’s a message saying “Hey, I’m a fan of Aksys/the podcast, let’s play sometime”, that’s fine. There’s plenty of Aaron to go around.
  • Don’t forget to send questions/comments to podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com and review us on iTunes!