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Hey So. Cal Aksys Nation Ninjaz our friends Pretty in Stereo are playing their final show (maybe?) on Saturday, March 28th @ 8PM at Gallagher’s Pub & Grill in Huntington Beach. They were kind enough to let us use their music in one of our earlier podcasts, so we want to show them some support. It seems the economic downturn has been hitting on all fronts and the music industry is no exception.

If you can make it out, consider yourself automatically inducted into the Aksys Nation Foot Clan. I’m hoping to have the patches in hand by that time, so if you roll up and give me the super secret Foot Clan greeting I’ll hit you up with a patch. They put on a rockin’ show, so I hope to see you guys there!

Details of their sitch after the jump.

From Pretty in Stereo’s MySpace page…

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It’s been a while since we’ve let everyone know what is going on in Stereo-land. As you know, around this time last year, we completed the recording of five new songs that were supposed to be released on an EP and for sale to all. Given the current state of our crumbling economy, we just couldn’t afford to press our own CDs this time around. Speaking of the crumbling economy, we also understand that it’s hard for people to come up with funds to go to shows, pay for gas to get there, the cover charge to get in, and then the drinks that go along with a good time. It costs money to go out and see live music. Money is something that is quickly becoming scarce. Bands and their fans are feeling this and quite frankly, it sucks.

Just as it takes money to go out and see live bands, it costs money to be in a band. Most likely more money that most people pay to go out on a monthly basis. If you figure in the cost of rehearsal space, gear (sticks, cymbals, strings, etc), gas to get to and from shows and practice, money to print promotional items and advertise, (the list goes on), a band like ours spends around $1000 a month just to be in a band. As hard as it is in these times to come up with the money, we still do, because we love what we do. We do this because we need to, it is in our blood, it is what fuels our soul and without it we wouldn’t be.

Much like most show-goers out there who have cut down on going to shows, in an effort to keep our passion from completely devouring our bank accounts, we are going to cut back on playing shows. We aren’t quite sure when things will pick back up again. We may have a show here and there of importance, but we aren’t planning on keeping a monthly set of two or three shows afloat. We just can’t afford it and from what we’ve been seeing and experiencing at our shows with less people turning out, neither can you. How will this affect you? Well, it probably won’t seeing that most of you have never seen our live show due to distance or other reasons. Those of you that have, we thank you for your support. Hopefully we see you at another show someday.

Given all of the above, we are doing the following two things:

1) Making all of our songs downloadable, for FREE, at the following link:

(if the link above doesn’t work, just copy and paste ftp://prettyinstereo.com into your browser)

Login: pis4free
Password: pis4free!

Just right click and save whichever songs you want. We hope you enjoy the songs as much as we have enjoyed playing them for you.

All we ask is that if you like what you hear, join our mailing list which is on our MySpace profile. We won’t spam you, we promise.

2) We are playing two final shows as of right now. One is in OC for our OC/LA fans, and the other in the IE for our loyal Inland Empire fanbase.

Here are the details:

Saturday March 21 @ 8PM
The Banquet Castle
287 W La Cadena
Riverside, CA
18 & Over, $13 at the door or $8 presale through us.
We are very excited about this show because it is the debut show for our friends The Action Potential.

Saturday March 28th @ 8PM
Gallagher’s Pub & Grill
300 Pacific Coast Hwy #113
Huntington Beach, CA
21 & Over
This is a very fun place to play, which is why we are playing our last OC show there. Cheap drinks and a good crowd make for a great show.

We hope to see you at one of these shows and hopefully things will get back to normal someday. Stay in touch and we will as well.

Take care,

Natalie, Erin, Cassie & Jodi
Pretty in Stereo