Aksys Nation!! We got this new podcast right here, fresh off the grill, for you. In this one, Ben (Unicron) joins us for the first time and we talk about some of our up and coming games and give you a firm street date for Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus for the Wii, as well as some Anime Expo ’09 information. Also, here is a chance to get in for free and help us out. Be sure to listen to the winning entry in our latest contest as it is pretty outrageous! Till next time!

Who all is here today?

  • Aaron
  • Gail
  • Harry
  • Mike
  • Ben

Aksys News

    • PS2 and PSP version are out
    • Wii version will be out on 5/12
    • If you bought the PSP version, send us a portion of the manual that is shown in the picture above (Table of Contents page in case some of you have a hard time finding it). Send that portion to us with $1 dollar (shipping cost) and we’ll send you that soundtrack.
  • Bit.Trip Beat
    • We’ll be unveiling the next game in the series very soon!
  • Jake Hunter Detective Story
    • What Ben does.
    • 5/26
    • Email ben(at)aksysgames(dot)com if you want some info on Jake.
  • 10 Questions with Unicron!
  • Rockin’ Pretty
    • Jared drops by!
    • 6/23
  • Anime Expo 2009
    • Daisuke Ishiwatari
    • Mori Toshimichi
    • New section of the podcast: Just the tip.
    • If you want to help us out for AX, send us an email at podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com.


  • Nobafan says “I saw the plush you have been asking us if we’d buy and it looks pretty funny. Anyway I was wondering if there were any more Astral Finish sneak peeks coming for say Taokaka or Carl Clover(Cause we all know his must be the best since he is so hard to win with). Also what do you think Jake Hunter, if he was real, beat Bit Trip beat in a single sitting?”
  • The Pretender says “Hey guys, any chance you could bring one of the BlazBlue launch party events over here to the East Coast? I know Gail and Harry saw how hardcore BEAST COAST players can be, and we’d love to get the same love those Cali guys are getting.”
    • If you fly us out, we’ll give you one!
    • Questions or comments? podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com.

Contest Winner

  • The contest was to make a story using the following words. Best one wins. Here are the words:
  • Commander Video, Harry, Noba, Gail, Aaron, Bo, Mary and Chris (Must be used together exactly like this), Apophenia, Slattern, Vainglorious
  • Our winner is Vaughn and will receive a copy of Guilty Gear XX ACP for the PS2.

Street Team

  • So we got our patches in so if you took part in the post Commander Video’s face and take a picture mission you should be getting yours in the mail soon. Hey people once you do get them put it on a shirt or something, rock it in public and take a picture of it!
  • Here’s our next BlazBlue themed mission for current Street Teamers and people interested in joining the Street Team: (we’re working on it)
  • For current Street Teamers, don’t worry we’re keeping track of your accomplishments which will translate into some sort of rank or achievement points on the site. Also, we’re still working on a way for you guys to contribute to the website.
  • streetteam(at)aksysgames(dot)com