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I’m sure a few, if not all of you have heard about the…FREE UPGADE to BlazBlue Limited Edition, if you preordered at the usual spots. Here’s a quick breakdown on what you get in the Limited Edition…

BAD ASS Collector’s Edition Packaging (this goes a long way if you got bad ass art) – Deal!

2-Disc, 42 track, BlazBlue soundtrack! (that’s right, 42 tracks, that’s 13 more tracks than the previously released original soundtrack in Japan!) – Done!

And finally, the pride and enjoy of this Limited Edition; the bonus disc that contains tutorials, created by top players of Dustloop.com and Shoryuken.com. The tutorial will  breakdown the basics and advanced strategies per character. It’ll even walk you through various combos, that will challenge the combo fiend in all of us. And just when you think you can’t get enough of it, we’ve included high level match play, so that you can see the strategy and tactics in play.  Narration is also done by the players themselves plus a special guest star…- F*&% YEAH!

So, what’re you doing here and reading this mess for? Better go out and preorder this bad boy…Oh did we mention the Limited Edition is retailed at $59.99, the usual cost of a normal Xbox 360 and PS3 game?! MADNESS I SAY!

Oh and if you already preordered, you’re getting a free upgrade to Limited Edition status, – SWEET!

another thing, Limited Edition, FIRST RUN ONLY. Meaning, after our first run is sold out, the 2nd batch WON’T BE LIMITED EDITION AND WILL NOT contain the bonus stuff!!

Blaze on folks…

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