Now that BlazBlue has launched and the hype train is effectively in motion with no signs of stopping. We’re giving people another chance to join our Street Team which comes with all sorts of benefits. Such as getting the official Street Team patch, invitations to special events (see OMGWTFBBQ), and preferential treatment at events (ask one of our Street Teamers how we hooked him up at Anime Expo). Anyway, here’s your next mission. Between July 13 – 8/2 GameStop will have a BlazBlue floor sign in all of their stores (looks very much like the one you see below) All you gotta do is take a picture of you and a Gamestop employee standing next to it giving it your best “HELLS YEAH!” pose and send it to us at streetteam(at)

I expect all current Aksys Nation Foot Clan members to participate (except for those who do not have a GameStop around them)!

[singlepic id=633 w=500 h=375 float=center]