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Have you been yearning for a shirt that plainly tells the world “I own a Nintendo Wii”, without ever actually mentioning the Wii? Then this is the shirt for you. It is also the shirt for you if you have played and enjoyed any or all of the Bit.Trip games (if you have played, but not enjoyed, any of the Bit.Trip games, we are unfortunately barred by California law from selling this shirt to you). It is also the shirt for you if you have never heard of Bit.Trip, or the Wii, or “Video Games”, but enjoy covering your naked torso with the soft, luxurious fabric of Gildan Heavy Cotton.

In short, this is a shirt made—intended, even—for use by human beings—by you. So waste no time in your clicking of the “Add to Cart” button, as quantities are limited, and when they are gone, you will be left with only the cold loneliness of an empty, unforgiving universe.

Note: Although the shirt reads “I am only a man”, our engineers tell us that it can be worn by women, with no ill effects.

Please specify size when ordering.