More information of who and what to expect from the event! GET HYPE!

Here’s a snippet:

Two Days of Gaming Euphoria: Hollywood Massacre & Triple Threat!

Join us on November 13-14 for the biggest gaming event to hit Southern California thus far!  ACTivegamerS LA is putting together two amazing events to cater to the fighting game community!  A weekend of fierce gaming competition, good company, and passion for fighting games!

Special Guests This Weekend Include:

  • Justin Wong – The #1 Street Fighter IV player in the US representing Empire Arcadia!
  • Alex “CaliPower” Valle – Mr. Street Fighter and the heart and soul of TEAM SOCAL!
  • Joey “MrWizard” Cuellar – The man that makes it all happen!  Admin of SRK and founder of the EVO2K series of tournaments!
  • John “Choiboy” Choi – The Korean sensation, Street Fighter legend from Northern California and official liason for Tougeki the Super Battle Opera!
  • Mike “MYK” Kwon – One of the top Southern California TEKKEN players and the man in charge of IAMTEKKEN.COM!
  • Chris “Skraps” Carroll – Senior Product Manager and the driving force for all things fighting game related at Mad Catz!
  • Mark “MarkMan” Julio – Founder of SDTEKKEN and designer of Mad Catz’ fighting game controllers!
  • Harry “biznatch” Chang – Former Brand Manager for BlazBlue and the man responsible for making BlazBlue hype in the US!
  • Faye “Princess Aura” Mata – Host for UFRAGTV and rising star in the fighting game community!