Just this morning, we received the following e-mail. I’ll let the sender say it in their own words:

I am not sure if the people of this site are aware but I thought I would send a request to you. Before Christmas one of our long term fighting game community members passed away. Dasrik was well known within the Marvel community and his passing is a great loss to us all.
Madcatz has made one special stick that is being raffled away ( all proceeds are going to his family ), and my request to you is is this could be posted here on the Aksys main page to let more people in the community know by one of your mods. Thank you for your time, below is all the info regarding my request. I know this is not something that is news for the Aksys site, but I am also aware of your continuing interest in the fighting game community.

The information they provided was this link, which will take you to a post on Shoryuken that can tell you more about the raffle.