Dawn breaks.
As the first golden rays of sunlight begin to peek across the horizon, something stirs. Deep within the internet, something has awoken.
It reaches out with hesitant tendrils, seeking purchase on something strong enough to hold its weight. A single appendage touches upon a domain name; tests it. Yes…yes, this is what it sought. The victorious tendril takes hold, and before long many others have joined it.
There is moment’s pause, and the tendrils go slack–then in unison they pull. Each tendril strains to lift the body suspended below it, and before long they succeed. This child of the internet emerges from the warm womb of development, and for the first time, the light of day strikes its hopeful face.
A web site is born.

This web site, in fact. The domain name is ours, and the timid child of the internet is the official Record of Agarest War web site. As you can see, should you choose to visit it, we have plans to update it with yet more content, so I recommend you check back frequently. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see on there, by all means, let us know. I have also taken the liberty of creating a forum section specifically for Agarest. Feel free to use it to discuss the game, ask questions, etc. We are always watching, and will do our best to answer any questions you may have. You can also find a collection of screenshots here, although these will eventually be available on the official site as well.