By now, you may have figured out that Record of Agarest War has…shall we say…some sexy-time moments. What you may NOT know is that it also has turn-based strategy battles! I know, right? I was surprised too!

Of course, it hurts us to keep anything from you, and so we’ve put together this trailer, which gives you a delicious glimpse of this gameplay. It also features a blimp (or dirigible, if you’re nasty). Ignore the blimp. It is there to confuse you–to keep you from the truth. The truth that Record of Agarest War is chock full (to the gills, even), of strategic battles, character choices, political intrigue, and that most important of all elements–story.

The release of Agarest is near, but not yet imminent. I know. I, too, feel your pain, which is why I have brought you this video. Let it provide succor, as we wait for the appointed day.

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