Give them to me

Are you confused? Frightened? Strangely aroused?
Don’t worry. These feelings are perfectly normal. Many people experience them upon completing Mimana Iyar Chronicle and receiving a password. What are these passwords for, you may ask yourself. Are they keys to extended content, or simply a collection of nonsense words, crafted explicitly to drive the spike of madness into your fevered brain? You will be happy (I hope) to learn that they are the former. In other words, your brain is safe–for the moment.

The password(s) you receive after beating each “scenario” (i.e., completing Sophie’s unique ending, or Melrose’s, etc) are for unlocking a number of short stories that will appear on our web site shortly (by which I mean they will appear when I am done with them). Each password unlocks a story specific to that character. Because we love you, there will also be several stories which do not require passwords, and can be freely viewed by all.

There is, of course, another set of passwords that anyone “in the know” is undoubtedly stymied by. I refer, of course, to the mystery of the Lucky Cat bakery. The proprietor may have asked you for a password. As you have no doubt realized, this password is nowhere to be found. I apologize. I misspoke. I mean passwords. These passwords will be distributed in The Near Future through several of your favorite news outlets. The Shadow Pact prevents us from naming them explicitly, but fortunately you have access to the internet, which is a useful tool for gathering information. Entering these passwords at the Lucky Cat will net you special items. In additional, visiting the Lucky Cat on a New Game+ will get you some special items as well.

So there you have it. The Mystery of the Mimana Passwords, solved!