Why, one might ask, would a company debut a web site for a game after said game had already been released?

That would be an excellent question, were it true that the site followed the game. In truth, the Mimana web site has been up for several weeks, but as a result of an internal mix-up, it was coded in such a way that only the pure of heart could see it. After several confusing weeks of zero hits, we finally discovered the source of the problem. We have rectified this unfortunate oversight, and the glory of the official Mimana Iyar Chronicle web site is now available to anyone, regardless of their level of purity.

With that question satisfactorily explained, you might now ask what you will find on this page. You could, of course, go there and find out, but this is America, and we don’t go anywhere unless we have to. Here is a short summary of what awaits on the other end of that tantalizing link:

  • A number of short stories, which provide prologues and epilogues to the events of Mimana Iyar Chronicle.
  • Wallpapers for your computer and your PSP.
  • Voice samples from the five main characters.
  • Secrets.
  • Ham*.

There, you now have no reason not to visit the site. And once you’ve done that–or even before, if you’re feeling dangerous–you might buy the game here, or possibly here. Or download it off of the PlayStation Network, if you’re freaky.

*I was lying about the ham.