UPDATE#2: The auction is ending today at around noon and the highest bid is currently at $182.50. Do we have any snipers out there?

UPDATE: Since the bidding has gone over $150, we’re throwing in a free bottle of Scotchguard.

So I heard you like pillows.

Okay, well, technically, pillowcases. At any rate, we are now offering this extremely tasteful pillowcase featuring Valeria from our instant classic and total mega-hit Record of Agarest War. Where are we offering it? Ebay, of course! Where else?

You can find the auction here, and if you’re interested I suggest you get cracking–bidding has already begun! Incidentally, there is also a somewhat more risqué side to the pillow, if you’re into that sort of thing.

You may be asking yourself, what can I say to an incredible opportunity like this? I can only think of one appropriate response.