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Bit.Trip Runner is one of the 32 Finalists of this year’s IndieCade. Good luck to the guys at Gaijin! The festival takes place in Culver City, CA on Oct 8 – 10. Come out and show your support!

If you don’t know what IndieCade is….Well you can read the following blurb from the IndieCade website.

IndieCade 2010 offers up a phenomenal lineup of 32 diverse and innovative games selected by 160 international jurors from over 350 submissions. Indie developers continue to expand their range and depth, from interactive novels and poems, to music and physics games, to experimental virtual toys using the versatile affordances of emerging platforms such as the iPad, to activist games with a political agenda, to the next generation of beloved genres such as platformers, puzzlers, shooters and adventure games. This year we are introducing an Outdoor Games Track, presenting Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), as well as good old-fashioned street games. Cultural diversity is also a theme this year, as IndieCade 2010 features developers that hail from Europe, Asia and Latin America. We are also introducing a new exhibition component, the game cafe, including the “IndieCade Success Stories Game Cafe,” exhibiting titles that have been published since being at one of IndieCade’s annual events. You won’t won’t to miss the innovative, original, and extremely entertaining games on display at the 2010 IndieCade Festival!