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Need a game to play on your DSi? How about Everyday Soccer? That’s right: No need to wait for the World Cup, since you can now play all your favorite teams in the palm of your hand. Everyday Soccer is available now in the DSi Shop for 500 Nintendo DSi Points.

Full press release after the cut.

A simple soccer game for everyday fun!

Torrance, CA (September 20, 2010) – Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment products, announces the sports title Everyday Soccer for Nintendo DSiWare®.

Everyday Soccer is a fun and simple soccer game where players can fully customize their characters and compete in free play mode or the World Tournament. Players can control all four characters on the screen by passing, dashing, shooting and executing special attacks.

“Soccer is one of those fun sports that anyone can get into,” says Frank “Bo” deWindt II, Associate Producer, Aksys Games, “Adults and children alike can easily pick up and play Everyday Soccer for some fun soccer action!”

Everyday Soccer Key Features

  • 30+ Teams to Choose From!

    Pick from over 30 different countries to play as, including Germany, Chile, South Africa, Japan and many more!

  • Customize Your Players!

    Change your players’ names and their appearances from eyes color to hair style and use those players in the Exhibition and World Tournament!

  • Multi-play and DS Download Play!

    Play against a friend who has the game or have them play with DS Download Play!

About Aksys Games Inc.

Located in Torrance, California and founded in 2006, Aksys Games is well known for being a visionary within the fighting game sector while expanding into other genres such as RPGs, fishing, and family-style games. Some of their more popular games include the BlazBlue, Record of Agarest War, Hooked: Real Motion Fishing, and the Bit. Trip series.

Everyday Soccer has been rated ‘E’ for Everyone by the ESRB. More information about Aksys Games and Everyday Soccer can be found at www.aksysgames.com

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