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Like BlazBlue? Like money? Like Aksys Games? Then register for the SoCal Regionals that will be taking place on November 5-7th in Los Angeles, California. Aksys Games will be there to support you since we know you’re all pro when it comes to BlazBlue. Not entering the tournament? Then come on down as a spectator as we’ll be showcasing some of our latest games, giving away freebies, hosting a cosplay contest (yes, be prepared to come in costume!), and more!

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— SoCal Regionals —

$1,000 BB:CS! Nov. 5-7

The SoCal region is home to the largest competitive fighting game scene in the country, with roots stemming from the arcade era. Now that the console generation has brought online gaming to the mix, the fighting game community has grown bigger than ever before. SoCal Regionals will be one of the biggest tournaments in SoCal history, fusing the arcade essence with console gaming, offering some decorative sponsor prizes, huge cash pay-outs, and showcasing the hottest fighting games of today, including some throwback classics. This November 2010, Level Up and Tournament Legacy are teaming up to find out who will be crowned king of SoCal’s fiercest fighting game competition.


Level Up, with a track record of high-quality productions in gaming events and world-class live internet broadcasting, delivers innovative gaming entertainment to the tournament. With years of experience and training regimens for the fighting game scene, Level Up is the industry leader in community development and player progression.

Welcome to Level|Up – Take your game to the next level.


Tournament Legacy is an event company dedicated to serving the SoCal gaming community with quality casual events, as well as major tournaments. They are getting gamers out of their homes and into large venues where they can network, socialize, and challenge other gamers in their community face to face. They have the equipment, the connections and the desire to serve, not just the pros, but the casual gamers too.

Tournament Legacy


Official SCR Site:




Level|Up Live on USTREAM: Level|Up Live.



The Proud Bird

Grand Ballroom

11022 Aviation Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045

(310) 670-3093

Suggested Airport:




Nov. 5 Pre-Party

Nov. 6 Pools

Nov. 7 Finals


SoCal Regionals has secured a limited number of rooms at the Doubletree Hotel LAX / El Segundo @ $79 per night, including FREE Wi-Fi! Shuttles will be available from LAX to the DoubleTree, as well as to-and-from the DoubleTree to the Tournament. The shuttles will run until 1am during weekend to ensure all players have transportation for the event.

Visit the following link to register your room at DoubleTree now. The special rate ends October 15, 2010. Book a Room!


Visit the SCR site for updates


Super Street Fighter 4 – Xbox360

Tekken 6 – PS3

Street Fighter HD Remix – Xbox360

Tatsunoko vs Capcom – Wii

Blazblue: Continuum Shift – PS3

Marvel vs Capcom 2 – DC

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike – PS2

Registration Info:

** ** Early Registration (until Oct. 24th): $30 registration fee, plus $10 per game.

** ** Late Registration (Oct. 24th – Nov. 1st): $40 registration fee, plus $10 per game.

** ** On-Site Registration: $50 registration fee, $10 per game.

Prize Structure:

** ** Top 8 places pay out! (SSF4 only).

** ** $1,000 BB:CS top 4 finalists 1st (65%) 2nd (20%) 3rd (10%) 4th (5%)

** ** All other games pay out 1st (70%), 2nd (20%), 3rd (10%)

** ** Decorative Sponsor Prizes to Winners and lucky spectators

Special Announcements:

* $10,000 Prize Pot for Super Street Fighter 1V

* GamerBee is confirmed to attend SCR

* The Dogface Show Live at SCR w/ John Choi, Mike Watson, Alex Valle

* Norcal vs SoCal SSF4 Exhibition

* BYOC Stations Space in the foyer

* $1,000 BB:CS Pot Prize for top 4 finalists

* Throwback Classics:*
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Marvel vs Capcom 2

* More TBA