:(We said last week that there would be a Black Friday sale on Amazon, and that it would have a number of our games in it.

Black Friday came, and there were lots of things on sale at Amazon, but none of them were Aksys games. “It’s okay”, we thought, “Perhaps we actually meant Cyber Monday.” But Monday came and went, and still no sales. A dark cloud fell across our offices. Clearly, something had gone horribly wrong.

As any good American would say, mistakes were made. Dreadful mistakes, the repercussions of which will echo throughout time and space, but we are here with this adorable cat to attempt to right those wrongs. To that end, this weekend has been designated the Aksys Games Apology Sale. We cannot compel Amazon to do things, sadly—otherwise I would compel them to send me the entire Scott Pilgrim collection, a wonderful Christmas ham, and these amazing speaker cables—but we can discount items in our store. What items will be discounted is still up in the air a bit, but be sure to check back later this week for deals.

If you can’t afford to buy anything, or live outside the United States, here are some otters.