So you’ve played 999 by now right? Right? RIGHT?! Yes, of course you have. I thought as much.

Anyway, since it is the sort of game that provokes questions, we thought people might have some for the people who created 999 (by which I do not mean us, but Chunsoft). If this describes you, then I invite you to visit the Official 999 Web Site and look for the the monitor asking you if you have any questions for 999’s creators. Click thee on such image but once, and thou shalt be taken to a page whereupon thou mightest send whatever query you may have off into the electronic aether of the Internet. We will be accepting such questions until the 23rd of December, at which time we shall send them to Chunsoft.

For some, I may be able to save you the trouble of asking your question: Yes, Clover is of age.