I'll be honest, there's no reason for this. I just like cats, okay? Leave me alone.

Actually, please don’t. If you vote more than once, that’s cheating.

At any rate, we’ve set up a little poll where you can tell us who your favorite character in 999 is. If you don’t know, then you obviously haven’t played the game. But that’s okay! There’s still time! The poll runs from now through January 9th in the Year of our Lord two thousand and eleven. You can still buy a copy of the game from our store, or Amazon, or Gamestop, or any of the many fine videogame retailers in your area. Then play it, play it like it is a beautiful woman (or man, depending on your preference), and come back here to tell us which character was your favorite!

I admit that metaphor broke down pretty quickly, but my point stands: You should be playing 999. Because when things happen with 999, that gives me a reason to post, and when I have a reason to post, I have a reason to Photoshop cats into things, and cats in things are awesome.

In case you were curious, my favorite character was this cat in Zero’s cloak/poncho thing.