Gas prices…yeah, let’s talk about gas prices. So it’s time to fill up Cammy, my Camry. Upon pulling up to lucky number 7 of Chevron gas station, I was still shocked to see that it costs $4.09 for the Plus option (sorry, Cammy never takes the Regular). With slumped shoulders, I had no choice but to pay $40 to fill her up. When that’s done, I was all “C’mon, go higher! Higher! You’re almost there, you can do it! Ohhhh, crap!” …Yeah, of course the gas gauge meter didn’t reach the F…just my wishful rooting. That means it would cost $50 for a full gas every week. Man, $50 is a such a nice number…it’s like you can buy a new PS3 or 360 game every week. I would rather buy a game per week. In fact, previous posts indicated there’s currently a sale at the Aksys store going on. Oh…and 100% of the money spent on the Aksys store will directly go towards donation for the benefit of Japan. Whoa now…I think I’m beginning to come up with an equation here.

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