Remember the survey we had you take about the Hakuoki Limited Edition item(s)? The votes are in and we’re heavily considering all of your suggestions before making a final decision. If you’re curious, here are the results (not including the items suggested in the “other” section):

1. Artbook
2. CD Soundtrack
3. Wallscroll/Poster
4. Art Prints
5. Jewelry
6. Buttons/Pins
7. Other

Siliconera caught up with Idea Factory at Anime Expo to talk about our recent release Record of Agarest War Zero. Read the interview with the game’s Director, Sugano Kenta and Character Designer, Hirano Katsuyuki here where they speak about the new features Record of Agarest Zero has to offer, and find out their favorite moments from the game.

Also from Anime Expo is Siliconera’s interview with Damien Urvois, Idea Factory’s Business Development Manager, which you can read here. He hints about a sequel to a game that could be on its way to North America. IS IT TRUE?