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posted by X @ 9:38 am on November 27, 2012

Aksys Games proudly announces the third and final contest commemorating the U.S. debut of BlazBlue, “All Eyes on the Azure.”

Hardcore and casual fans of BlazBlue alike, you are in for a treat this weekend! Aksys Games presents the third and final contest in conjunction with the 3rd year anniversary of the initial US release of BlazBlue – “All Eyes on the Azure.” This time around, we’re looking to spread the competitive joy of one of the hottest BlazBlue tournaments in the world: Northeast Championships XIII, which is set to go down this weekend in Philadelphia, PA. The longest running tournament series on the East Coast, the Northeast Championships, run by Big E Gaming (http://www.bigegaming.com), is set to have some of the strongest BlazBlue tournament competition this side of the world has ever seen.

And to win this contest, all you need to do is spread the word for a chance to win some one-of-a-kind signed concept artwork from the Arc System Works staff. Check out the entry details after the jump!

Entry: Retweet any tweet from @AksysGames (http://twitter.com/AksysGames) with the hashtag #NEC2012. Each retweet counts as a separate entry, but please, no making additional accounts to enter extra times. Any cheaters will be punished accordingly so watch yourself!

Click here for the full contest rules.

    11.27.12 at 12:26 pm

    So just to clarify, do we only retweet posts with the #NEC2012 hashtag in them, or do we retweet ALL the posts and add the #NEC2012 hashtag ourself? I don’t use twitter much, but I will use it if it means awesome swag!

  2.  June
    11.27.12 at 2:36 pm

    Only the tweets from us that have #NEC2012.

  3.  hype night
    11.29.12 at 8:21 am

    So we’re allowed to retweet multiple times/tweets as long as we only use one account?

  4.  russell
    11.29.12 at 10:59 am

    Yup, you can retweet each tweet once, but you can retweet more than one tweet.

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