Greetings, netizens! As your designated TOi (“Technology of Interest”) guide, it is my duty, or rather my pleasure, to offer an explanation regarding all new chunks of interesting data. At this very minute, a thunderous digital signal is ripping its way through the internet: An XBlaze Code: Embryo Digitally Employed Market Offshoot (i.e., “demo”) for the PlayStation®3 entertainment system and PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system is releasing today (Hurray~). Those who wish to pre-order should do so soon, as the June 24th ship date is approaching quickly!

For those yet to confirm their intent to purchase (highly recommended~), please review the following visual and auditory sensory data:



Players Will Experience:

A Twisting Tale of Intrigue: Touya Kagari, our hapless protagonist, is a typical high school student who is always eventually derailed from working effectively by the exhaustive minutia of curry etiquette explained by his (“helpful”) coworker Ringo Akagi. Sure the portions with curry are great fun, but let’s not forget the renegade mages, homicidal maniacs and secret organizations he has to stave off from taking control of the power responsible for the creation of the universe!

Excessively Enjoyable Expressions: Users who interface with the soon-to-be released “demo,” will be thoroughly pleased with the amount of facial manipulation, mouth synchronization, and body configurations that characters are able to express themselves with. All of this while joyfully listening to the original Japanese dubbed language track!

TOi System of Fate Determination: Ah yes, let’s not forget the fabulous TOi system! With it, players can read information about the world, thus informing Touya about the world. Choose what additional information Touya knows to alter his path and observe different endings!