So today it’ll be our GM Yoshi’s last day at Aksys HQ.

So what do we do in celebration er… I mean to send him off?

Can you spot the real Yoshi?

Can you spot the real Yoshi?

Cosplay as Yoshi of course.

Before he could get mad(Not like he would but still…), our mommy of Aksys Barbara made him his favorite nutter butter cake.


Crisis averted.

Our baby/mini of the staff decided to dress up as Yoshi when he was in HS.

HS Yoshi

HS Yoshi

Fun fact: She is as old as Yoshi’s cat…Imagine Yoshi’s shock when he found out. But that also means his cat lived a super long time lol

Anyways today was super fun. Everywhere I look I see YOSHI YOSHI YOSHI.



Even during serious talks, I couldn’t take people seriously because well…yea lol

But all in all this was a great send off.

And in all seriousness Yoshi, thank you so much for your 3 years here.
You have taught me so much and I hope someday I can be as influential as you and gain the respect you have gotten from the staff.
I believe you have passed the torch on to each and every one of us.
I accept your torch and I fully intend on carrying it on for the betterment of Aksys’ future.

I know you will always be watching in your creepy (lol) way.
I will always be alert and I will try my best to use the influence I have to guide us to a brighter direction.

So thank you.

You will be missed.

And I shall cause some noise in your place.