I know it’s not super fancy or nice but we know that he sometimes asks some of the staff to go out and buy some for him and our CFO…
SO~ why not treat him to some delish burgers and fries?



*Thanks Asuka/Mayu for setting it all up.

It was super last minute and it was a miracle that we got all staff to answer, give us their order, write it down, and send some of our people to go get some right in front of his eyes.
We were so scared that he might go out to lunch before our staff came back but we got the CFO in on it.
I’m sure it was difficult for her to make him stay almost an hour than his usual lunch time lol.
But it was all worth it when we came back with all the food and all sat together to enjoy some In-N-Out goodness.*So mad I didn’t take a picture of him walking in to a room full of burgers and fries >.<

Anyways, thank you Akibo for all the hard work you've put into Aksys Games.
We have entered our 9th year, going on to our 10th anniversary.
Being here since the 2nd year of Aksys' birth, it's been an honor to watch the company grow.
Cheers to your birthday (sorry I'm posting this a day late x.X) and looking forward to all the adventures you have lined up for us in the up coming years.