Gah been so swamped I couldn’t post this until today.

Today is one of our longest Aksys member’s birthday.
BOTAKU aka Bo the King of Aksys Otakus and our Direction of Production<3

Aside from our CEO, Bo is currently our longest member here.
That alone is amazing.

Ever since Naomi's panda cake I guess we are now trying to make it a point to have animals for birthday cakes.

Barbara asked Bo and he asked for a Siberian White Tiger. (wut…?)

Since Barbs didn't have the time to go all out, she went and got him the cutest/scariest plushie of a Siberian White Tiger lol



Anyways, for the bday lunch, we decided to order Chinese Food and eat it at the office.

king of the otaku

MMMM. The King is at his throne and we can now nom away.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Bo and cheers to the next year :_