Greetings, all!

After a fairly positive reaction to my random offer to live-tweet from this year’s E3, it’s officially on! Since I’ll be going on my own time (vacation days for the win!), I’ll be able to wander around without any real time limits or obligations to worry about. My plan is to focus mainly on the experience of being at the big show as opposed to playing the role of reporter. I’ll be looking at games and whatnot, but don’t expect me to try to get scoops on Fallout 4 or whatever. The big guys hardly need my help promoting their wares, after all.

With that said, I’ll be at E3 all day Wednesday so I should be able to cover a fair bit of ground. I will also be at the Sony conference and while I won’t be tweeting from the conference itself, I will be sending the various odd missives from the pre-party and whatnot. Might even tweet some random stuff from Sunday when I go pick up my badge, but they’re REALLY anal about anyone taking pictures then.

And while I won’t be going nuts, the number of tweets I’ll be sending out will go up a fair bit while I’m dragging myself around the floor so adjust your alerts accordingly or unfollow as needed (be sure to re-follow afterwards, though!). I’ll be sure to remind/warn everyone again as E3 gets closer.

Just to make it clear, I WON’T be at E3 in any official capacity. I’ll just be kind of…appropriating…the official Twitter account for this little adventure. Anyway, hopefully you’ll follow along as I wait in lines, get schwag, become dehydrated, and generally enjoy the heck out of one of the biggest gaming events of the year.