Greeting, all!

After a number of false starts and mistaken times, here is an outline of what we here at Aksys Games have planned for AX 2015. Hopefully a few of you will stop by and say hello. And in a rare show of restraint, I’ll just stick to the facts without any embellishment.


The Booth Location: Our booth number will be 1211. Just look for the plethora of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear character banners and the frazzled chubby white guy dressed as a ramen chef…


The Panels: We’ll be having two panels this year, both of which will be streamed! They are as follows:

Panel 1: The Aksys Games Panel of <Title TBD>! Time: Friday 1:00PM – 2:00PM Room: LP4/411  Watch here:

This is our traditional company panel where we’ll talk about what’s going on in our little slice of heaven. Also, will there be another proposal in the works? Let us know beforehand.

Panel 2: The Art of Localizing UCHI! Time: Saturday 4:00PM – 5:00PM Room: LP6/402AB  Watch here:

Things have changed since the last time we did this panel, so we thought folks would be interested in hearing how we’ve tweaked, prodded, and improved how we do things behind the curtain. Will also go more into what you should   know before applying for my job! (^_^)/

I lied. This panel is now about all things Uchikoshi. Come to the panel to hear about the localization process behind the Zero Escape series as well as Uchikoshi’s past works.

ALSO! We will be having another Uchikoshi signing at our booth Sunday, July 5th from 11:00am to Noon!


Tournament: Place: Our booth Time: Saturday from 12pm to whenever it finishes.

We’ll be having our now traditional fighting game tournament at our booth. This year, in honor of Daisuke’s appearance at AX and its inclusion as a main game at EVO, the featured game will be Guilty Gear Xrd. The tournament will be single elimination with a cap of 32 people, so be sure to sign up early. Prizes to be announced at the tourney!



And I want to apologize for the stream situation. We tested everything before hand, but things quickly fell apart. Hopefully it won’t happen during Uchikoshi’s panel (pray for us all).

See you all at the show!