There have been a number of questions about what constitutes proof, so I thought I’d bang out a quick FAQ.


Now that’s out of the way, here are some answers:

1) Will a cellphone picture/digital picture in general be proof enough?
The answer is: MAYBE. We need to be able to clearly see the expiry date, your passport number, and that your picture is in your passport. If there is any doubt, then you’ll need to come up with additional documents, etc. I advise that you take a quick trip to Kinko/Staples/etc and get a clear color copy of the first page.

You should probably have a copy of the first page anyway as it makes getting a replacement a thousand times easier.

If you do rely on pictures, I recommend going full ham and taking multiple shots in order to cover all of your bases.

2) Do copies need to be official/notarized?
Nope. A quick run to the nearest copy machine is good enough. Just make sure the copy is clear. Color is preferable as we can see that you’re the one in your picture.

3) Should I bring my original passport?
You can, but EVO gets hectic and the odds of it getting lost/stolen/misplaced will go through the roof. If you do bring your original, I recommend keeping it the hotel safe once you’ve shown it to us. Sound paranoid? Maybe. But unfortunately you always have to plan for the 1%.

4) What if I forgot my proof of passport?
Then you’re hosed. Things will be moving VERY QUICKLY and we’re going to need your information almost as soon as the adrenaline high from winning wears off. In the interest of fairness, the rule about proof of passport at time of entry WILL NOT be waived or bent for anyone. Sorry to be an ogre about this, but it’s my lot to enforce the rules.

Hopefully that covers everything. If you have any other questions, ask away in the comments section and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

See you in Vegas,