Greetings! As we’ll be releasing ZTD digitally in the EU, it’s only fair that we FINALLY do a contest for our European/Australian fans. That’s right; we’re doing a give-away that’s ONLY for EU/Australia! So, without further ado, I present to you:

The Zero Time Dilemma Twitter Art Contest of Regional Mastery!

Basically, draw us a picture of one/some/all of the characters from ZTD in a famous/notorious/should-be-famous location from your country! Or if that doesn’t work for you, traditional clothing is just as good. Tweet it to us at @aksysgames with the tag #ZeroEscapeArt.

And remember, we judge on more than just drawing skills; humor, imagination are given a lot of weight when we decide on winners.

Now, the rules:
1) You MUST be a resident of the EU or Australia. We will be asking for proof of this, so no nasty trying to game the system. The watches are set to this time, after all. If you cannot offer proof of residency, you will be disqualified and the prize will go to the runner up.

2)Any entries MUST be PEGI 12/Australia PG-level. No graphic violence/sex/etc. Any entries that go overboard will be disqualified as well as the person who submitted it. Also, ONE entry per person!

2A) You MUST use characters from Zero Time Dilemma only! No characters from previous games! I mentioned it above, but for the sake of clarity, it’s here in the rules now.

3) Entries MUST be submitted to the official Twitter account @aksysgames with the tag #ZeroEscapeArt. Do not forget the tag; your entry will not be counted without it.

4) The contest will run from May 3rd to May 17th, based on time here in California. I leave it to you to convert to your local time. The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for submissions is 5pm PDT/California time.

Oh, outside of posting the winner’s artwork on our various social media accounts and the website, we will not be using any of the artwork for advertising or official promotion. We just want to spread the word of your glorious victory.

Oh, and the prize? I thought a ZTD postcard signed by Uchikoshi, a 999 pre-order watch, and a VLR pre-order watch might be acceptable. Picture coming soon, as soon as we can figure out why we can’t post images… ;_;