We’re Back!

And with three Litchi combo vids! Sorry for the wait. [media id=56 width=550 height=370] [media id=57 width=550 height=370] [media id=58 width=550 height=370]


Sorry guys (and girls), be we’ve had some problems with some of our videos, so we’ve had to take them down for now. But don’t worry; we’re working as hard as we can to get them back up and bring you some hot, hot new ones, so stay tuned. We do...

Jin Exhibition #1 – 2

We know some of you are having a hard time checking out the vids, so let us know if solves the problem. [vimeo 1935962] [vimeo 1940133]

Here Is Your BlazBlue Sensory Overload

Hey there everybody! Today we’ve got a couple videos for you. Two short combo vids for Jin, and the official trailer for BlazBlue. There’re two versions of the trailer, one in standard definition for those of you who might not have the best internet, and...