Hello citizens, and welcome to the second mind-blowing episode of the Aksys Nation podcast. Grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate and curl up next to the fire with your loved ones for forty-five sweet, juicy, fully-organic minutes of the best damn podcast on earth. In this episode, we talk a little more with Bo and Mike about their mysterious pasts and their plans for the future. After answering a few questions and raising some more, we move on to talk about what’s been happening around the office lately (GG2 has arrived!), and then spend some time talking about the new DSi, the pros, cons, and must-haves of special edition and pre-order game content before wrapping things up with some in-depth discussion on the game you all want to hear more about: BlazBlue. As if that wasn’t enough, we also wax somewhat more philosophic about the cost of our hobby/industry—even if you’ve got the money, do you have the time? We’ve also got a little bit of independant music in there for you to enjoy, and be sure to stay tuned till the end of the show, where we announce a Guilty Gear Giveaway that can make you a winner with almost no effort!