In this episode, we take some time to discuss a little of the goings on at the office. Also, some comments on GDC, the Blazblue x Triumvir team up, and we talk a bit about some of our games that are coming out soon… Real soon… Anyway, we wrap up with some mailbag action as well as some reminders. A little shorter, but still packed with all the awesome. ENJOY!

Opening Introduction

  • Welcome to Aksys Nation podcast number #16
    • Aaron
    • Harry
    • Gail
  • Brought to you by…

Random News

  • GDC
    • Onlive
  • BlazBlue x Triumvir collaboration
  • Bit.Trip Beat was released last week on Wii Shop Channel
  • GGACP PS2 and PSP
    • Will be released on April 7
  • Jake Hunter Detective Story
    • Releasing May 26


  • Yusuke
  • Vaughan
  • Remember to rate us on iTunes and send us feedback at podcast(at)aksysgames(dot)com

Contests & Reminders

  • Contest Contest Writing Contest
    • Write a story where you MUST use all of a list of words.
  • Here are the words:
    • Commander Video
    • Harry
    • Noba
    • Gail
    • Aaron
    • Bo
    • Mary and Chris (Must be used together exactly like this)
    • Apophenia
    • Slattern
    • Vainglorious
  • So there’s the contest… We’ll give you until the next podcast to submit your entry.
  • The winner will receive a copy of Guilty Gear XX ACP for the PS2 or PSP. The winner gets to choose.

Street Team

  • 1st mission for the Street Team is still ongoing, so if you want to get the first Street Team patch you gotta do either the Post Commander Videos picture in 5 places or come to the Pretty in Stereo concert tomorrow @ 8PM
    • Gallagher’s Pub & Grill
    • 300 Pacific Coast Hwy #113
    • Huntington Beach, CA
    • 21 & Over
  • Unfortunately, I won’t have the patches on me, but I’ll give BlazBlue bags to the first 5 people who can find me. Gail will be wearing his Harley Quinn “Mad Love” T-shirt. Aaron will be wearing a bright green “Frog King” shirt.
  • Entries go to streetteam(at)aksysgames(dot)com