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If you guys haven’t heard, BlazB…Battle Fantasia is finally coming to Playstation Network! When? This coming Fall 2009! And to celebrate this announcement, we’re gonna run a little contest.  The contest is simple. We added additional trophies for the PSN version of Battle Fantasia and we honestly don’t know what the hell to name them. So instead of us bonking heads and 300 kicking girls in the back for idle ideas. We’re gonna let our loyal fans do the creative work for us. So for those of you that wanna go down in gaming history again, (those that missed out of the Drive contest) check out the contest after the jump:

To commemorate this special release, Aksys Games have added additional trophies to be named by the fans of the series! Below are the trophies that are up to be named:

1. Outside of training mode, dish out a total of over 1,000,000 damage.

2. In single-player arcade mode, seduce every character with Ashley’s taunt.

3. In single-player arcade mode, get 25+ hits with Coyori’s Cat Storm.

4. Outside of training mode, as Death Bringer, defeat an opponent with a single move.

5. Outside of training mode, win a match with only 1 HP left.

To enter the contest, head on over to http://aksysgames.com/bfonpsn/! The best name of each trophy will be included in the game!

6B for the Win Folks!