A Fighting Game of RPG-Sized Proportions!

Battle Fantasia makes it in time for the holidays on the PlayStation®Network

Torrance, CA (December 22, 2009) – Aksys Games, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment products, announced that Battle Fantasia will be battling its way onto the Sony PlayStation®Store today for $19.99.

Battle Fantasia helps bring the fighting genre to the mainstream with its RPG-style appeal,” said Frank “Bo” deWindt II, Project Lead, Aksys Games. “If the fighting aspects don’t hook you, the quirky characters and their stories will.

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Battle Fantasia Key Features:

  • Gorgeous Cel-shaded Graphics
    Experience Battle Fantasia’s amazing art and graphics as you play through the game!
  • Exclusive Console Story Mode
    Play through each character’s main scenario in “Story Mode”, or discover hidden sub-scenarios to truly immerse yourself in the universe of Battle Fantasia!
  • Exciting Online Play
    Fight against opponents from far and wide, or view your overall online rankings via PlayStation®Network!
  • Feel the Burn of “Heat Up” and the Sting of “GACHI”
    Master the Battle Fantasia-exclusive battle mechanics of “Heat Up” mode, “GACHI Match”, and “GACHI Drive” to keep your opponents on their toes!
  • Find Every Unlockable!
    With over 80 unlockable illustrations in “Gallery Mode” and various Playstation Trophies, you’ll find yourself playing for hours on end!

Battle Fantasia has been rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB. More information about Aksys Games and Battle Fantasia can be found at www.aksysgames.com.

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