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Record of Agarest War releases today on Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system and Thursday April 29th on the PlayStation®Store!

Torrance, CA (Tuesday April 27th, 2009) – Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment products, announces its first epic SRPG, with Record of Agarest War for the Xbox 360 to coincide with the previously announced PlayStation Network version. In this game developed by Compiled Heart, RED Entertainment, and Idea Factory, SRPG fanatics will finally be able to play a game worthy of the genre. Sporting over one hundred hours of gameplay, Record of Agarest War invites players into a gorgeous, expansive world of hope and despair. Players will wage war against the evil forces of darkness, take a bride—actually, several brides— and extend their lineage across five generations!

“As the release of Record of Agarest War nears, spirits are high here,” says Ben Bateman, Localization Editor, Aksys Games, struggling to be heard over a scene reminiscent of the end of Return of the Jedi. “The discs have been pressed, the mousepads fully tested, and the downloads uploaded. We feel confident that this game is poised to bring happiness to untold thousands. Candidly, anyone who does not feel elation at our impending release may have lost the capability to do so.”

Ben takes a sip from his champagne, and watches as Mike Manzanares, Producer, Aksys Games, and Gail Salamanca, Marketing Director, Aksys Games, leap screaming into the celebratory ball pit.

“Is there any greater joy,” he asks, lifting his flute in a toast, “than seeing a project to completion? Aside from delicious sausage, I certainly can’t think of any.”

So what are you waiting for? Get down to your game store and buy it already! For those purchasing online at the PlayStation Store it’s only $44.99. Hurry up, don’t keep the girls waiting.