Did you know we have a store?

Well, the rumors are true, and in honor of Anime Expo and our exhilarating presence there, we have updated our store with many new (and perhaps not so new) products, and reduced prices on basically every game in there. So what can you find in the store besides games? Well, maybe you missed out on the Naughty Edition, and you’d like not only a copy of the Standard Edition of Agarest, but also a mouse-pad and pillowcase. You can buy that here. Or maybe you’d like the sweet Heroes Saga Laevatein Tactics artbook and folder. You can buy that too. Perhaps you simply weren’t lucky or geographically fortunate enough to go to Anime Expo. That’s okay. We thought of you, and we decided we take some of the things we’re selling there, and sell them here too. There is a veritable forest of delights awaiting your tender touch, if you will but visit our store.