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Roger Ebert started some sh*t when he stated that games could not be art… The Cultist from the Miami New Times would like a word with you, sir. He cites 5 games that can be considered works of art, including our very own Bit.Trip BEAT.

“Famed movie critic Rogert Ebert recently said that video games will never be works of art. Overnight, he and his thumbs became major objects of ire for gamers across the globe. And although he later apologized and retracted his statement — no doubt due to internet trolls bombarding his website and uploading hate videos to YouTube — Ebert raised an interesting question: Can video games exist on the same cultural level as movies or literature?”

See the full article here.

What do you guys think? Can videogames be considered art? Discuss via our high-tech, web 2.0 commenting system below.