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What…what is this? It looks like an SRPG in a big, beefy package with…playing cards? Oh, it looks like a…a really cool jewelry-box-looking box with collectible “skill” cards? And is that some sort of mini strategy guide you’ve got there? Oh my, a hot Asian chick on the soundtrack and…so many shades of blue on the…the tranquil packaging! To those who own the Record of Agarest War Really Naughty Limited Edition, it is time to clear a space on your shelf for yet another beefy bundle. Behold, the time has come! The Record of Agarest War Zero Limited Edition is finally unveiled!

The Record of Agarest War Zero LE for the PS3 and 360 consoles comes with the game, one deck of playing cards and one deck of collectible skill cards in a special card case, a helpful 48 page Character Data Guide, and a mesmerizing soundtrack, all in a special box. Remember, they’re limited for a reason, so pre-order now at GameStop and Amazon!

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